Everyone has things that are unique and special about them. Their funeral is the opportunity to celebrate those things. Let us help you plan a way to honour their memory.

You can choose to personalise some or all of the components on our website or bring us your own ideas and we’ll help you to make them work. To get you started on thinking about ways to make the funeral you are organising a true reflection of your loved one, here are some of the ways other people have found to make the funeral as unique and individual as the person they were honouring;-

Aunty Helen loved to bake and people were always after her secret recipes. She left instructions in her funeral plan that copies of all of her recipes were to be handed out to everyone at her funeral so that her baking would live on for generations.

Andy was mad about cars. His own car was a tricked out Holden with a custom paint job. His family and friends decided to honour his memory with a long procession of Holdens, led by Andy’s car, on a slow drive through town and out to the racetrack where he had so many hours of pleasure, before making their way to the cemetery.

Rebecca was passionate about dogs and had already decided she wanted to be a vet when she grew up but she was only fourteen when she died. Her pet Husky came to her funeral and sat in the front row with the rest of the family. Her friends brought tiny little statues of dogs to put in her casket and there was a collection box for the SPCA just outside the chapel.

Whilst culture or faith may dictate a number of aspects of the funeral, there are still many elements that can be personalised. Your Funeral Director will work with you to ensure your wishes and beliefs are respected.